Photo of History Podcast with Secondary-Ed Students from Laurie Cohen

History Podcast with Secondary-Ed Students from Laurie Cohen

By Laurie Cohen


This project gives students an opportunity to be creative while demonstrating their content knowledge and technological skills. After developing the Lesson Plan and creating this sample, our US History teacher loved it for his class. He is using it in the 10th grade class.


I created this VoiceThread project in a Podcasts & More class for my Masters in Education - Educational Technology emphasis at Cal. State University at Bakersfield. We all had to try out VoiceThread and choose from various mediums for our final project.

I created a Lesson Plan with Correlation to Standards, Rubric, sample storyboard, and the script, as well as the actual VoiceThread.

Easy Parts

VoiceThread is very easy to use!


The hardest part was speaking slowly enough and clearly enough, as well as modulating my voice to a bit lower tone.


I used Rubistar to create the rubric, a storyboard template, and PowerPoint to create the Title slide.


My VoiceThread is a bit long. I would suggest that students are required to create theirs of 2-5 minutes maximum. Also, this would be difficult to do if it is in a classroom or computer lab setting with many kids in the room. Different groups would have to be spread out across the room, so their voices aren’t recorded onto other groups’ VoiceThread.


Podcasts on many other topics and subjects!